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No strings attached ending oslo

is tedious. Emma comes off pragmatic one minute and off her rocker the next. 34 out of 61 found this helpful. Sign in to vote. Natalie Portman especially gives a very solid performance, actually being the more energetic person in the duo. Wake the hell up kids!

Extended, ending: No strings attached ending oslo

The best part of the film is the surprisingly accurate and realistic interactions that Emma and Adam together. This movie just simply failed to deliver. Two classy actors and this is all they can come up with? It is so formulaic I think it may have been written on graph paper. It won't throw many curveballs your way throughout, and is overall fairly predictable, with only a couple twists that are really any bit surprising. Brian Hadsell 20 September 2011 Warning: Spoilers This movie follows the sexual trists of Adam (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma (Natalie Portman). Overall, this is the perfect date night or girls night movie. Unless you really need to hear some jokes about Ashton Kutcher's penis, pass on this one. I heard that Portman wanted this movie to be the female answer to The Hangover. Is it something relatively new? This is a pivotal character by sleeping Adam's ex-girlfriend, he prompts his rueful son into seeking a sexual relationship, ANY sexual relationship, while propels the rest of the story. If asked I wouldn't be able to pinpoint any particular reason to recommend this movie. Sunday Bloody Sunday, other blood related songs) to entertain her and her fellow suffering roommates, one of who remarks that her underwear resembles a crime scene. OompaLoompa8816, i gave this movie an 8/10 simply because it will keep you laughing the majority of the time. I like Ashton Kutcher OK and I really like Natalie Portman, but both of them are completely wooden. But the characters are so entrancing and relatable that you want to know the back stories, you care about these people and their relationship, you live their feelings and don't mind. Almost universally, however,. Following the popular formula, the movie brings the couple to the final stage of something going wrong.

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